STC-1000p-ovbsc Manual

STC-1000+ One vessel brew system controller



Menu item Description Values
Sd Strike delay 0-999 minutes
St Strike water setpoint -40.0 to 140°C or -40.0 to 250°F
SO Strike output (also used to reach hotbreak and between mash steps) 0-200%
Pt1 Mash step 1 setpoint -40.0 to 140°C or -40.0 to 250°F
Pd1 Mash step 1 duration 0-999 minutes
Pt2 Mash step 2 setpoint -40.0 to 140°C or -40.0 to 250°F
Pd2 Mash step 2 duration 0-999 minutes
Pt3 Mash step 3 setpoint -40.0 to 140°C or -40.0 to 250°F
Pd3 Mash step 3 duration 0-999 minutes
Pt4 Mash step 4 setpoint -40.0 to 140°C or -40.0 to 250°F
Pd4 Mash step 4 duration 0-999 minutes
Pt5 Mash step 4 setpoint -40.0 to 140°C or -40.0 to 250°F
Pd5 Mash step 4 duration 0-999 minutes
Pt6 Mash step 4 setpoint -40.0 to 140°C or -40.0 to 250°F
Pd6 Mash step 4 duration 0-999 minutes
PO Mashing output -200 to 200%
Ht Hot break temperature -40.0 to 140°C or -40.0 to 250°F
HO Hot break output -200 to 200%
Hd Hot break duration 0-999 minutes
bO Boil output -200 to 200%
bd Boil duration 0-999 minutes
hd1 Hop alarm 1 0-999 minutes
hd2 Hop alarm 2 0-999 minutes
hd3 Hop alarm 3 0-999 minutes
hd4 Hop alarm 4 0-999 minutes
tc Temperature correction -5.0 to 5°C or -10.0 to 10.0°F
APF Alarm/Pause control flags 0 to 511
PF Pump control flags 0 to 31
Pd Set heating period interval 1.0 to 20.0 seconds
cO Manual mode output -200 to 200%
cP Manual mode pump 0 (=off) or 1 (=on)
cSP Manual mode thermostat setpoint -40.0 to 140°C or -40.0 to 250°F
ASd Safety shutdown timer 0-999 minutes
rUn Run mode OFF, Pr (run program), Ct (manual mode thermostat), Co (manual mode constant output)

Note on APF parameter: APF is a parameter that holds flags to enable/disable the alarm/pause points during the program. By default all alarms/pause points are enabled, but this parameter allows the user to skip some/all of them if so desired. To make adjustments, the desired behaviour needs to be calculated.

Value Description
1 Strike temp reached/dough in alarm
2 Strike temp reached/dough in pause
4 Mash done/sparge/start boil up alarm
8 Mash done/sparge/start boil up pause
16 Hop addition 1 alarm
32 Hop addition 2 alarm
64 Hop addition 3 alarm
128 Hop addition 4 alarm
256 Boil done/start chill alarm

Add up the values for the alarms/pause points desired, and set that value to the APF parameter. Say for example you’d like to mash in cold, and want the controller to skip the alarm and pause after strike temp is reached, and just continue with the mash profile (but still keep the other alarms/pause points). Then sum up all the alarms (511) and subtract 1 (strike temp reached alarm) and 2 (strike temp reached pause). The value (508) is what you’d want to enter in APF.

Note on PF parameter: The PF parameter holds flags to indicate pump status during different stages of the program. By default the pump is on during the mash.

Value Description
1 Pump during heating of strike water
2 Pump during ramping up to reach next mash steps
4 Pump during the mash steps
8 Pump during heating up to reach hot break
16 Pump during hot break

Similar to the APF parameter. Add upp the values of the stages when the pump should be active and enter it into the PF parameter.